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Sebastian Kreutzer Luminescence When does it fade too much? Let’s talk about fading corrections. 3 min
Sebastian Kreutzer Luminescence Display FMM results on the Abanico plot 5 min
Dirk Mittelstrass Luminescence A brief installation guide for ‘Luminescence’ on Ubuntu and Linux Mint 2 min
Sebastian Kreutzer Data import/export The few things to know about BIN/BINX files and their handling in R 19 min
Svenja Riedesel Dosimetry How to calculate the dose rate to rock slices in a cobble? 8 min
Sebastian Kreutzer Dosimetry Environmental Dose Rate Calculation - DRAC vs RCarb 7 min
Sebastian Kreutzer & R Luminescence Team Luminescence It takes only 4 steps to analyse your SAR luminescence data 7 min
Sebastian Kreutzer Luminescence How to Analyse Al2O3:C measurements 8 min
Sebastian Kreutzer Luminescence How to Analyse post-IR IRSL Measurements? 11 min