R packages for luminescence and related data analysis

(Note: not all here listed packages are programmed by people from the RLum.Network)

R package 'BayLum'


An R package for chronological Bayesian models integrated for Optically Stimulated (OSL) Luminescence Dating.

Package authors are Claire Christophe, Anne Philippe, Sebastian Kreutzer, Guillaume Guerin.

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R package 'gamma'


‘gamma’ processes in situ gamma-ray spectrometry measurements for luminescence dating. The package allows to import, inspect and (automatically) correct the energy scale of the spectrum. It provides methods for estimating the gamma dose rate by the use of a calibration curve. This package only supports Canberra CNF and TKA files.

Package authors are Nicolas Frerebeau, Brice Lebrun, Guilhem Paradol, Magali Rizza, Christelle Lahaye, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, CNRS, LabEx Sciences archéologiques de Bordeaux, Idex Aix-Marseille.

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R package 'numOSL'


External package

Numeric Routines for Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating. Package for optimizing regular numeric problems in optically stimulated luminescence dating, such as: equivalent dose calculation, dose rate determination, growth curve fitting, decay curve decomposition, statistical age model optimization, and statistical plot visualization.

Package authors are Jun Peng, Bo Li, Jorge More, Burton Garbow, Kenneth Hillstrom, John Burkardt, Paul Gilbert, Ravi Varadhan.


R package 'OSLdecomposition'


A great package by Dirk Mittelstraß to identify and separate Continuous-Wave Optically Stimulated Luminescence (CW-OSL) Signal Components.

Package authors are Dirk Mittelstraß, Sebastian Kreutzer, Christoph Schmidt.

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R package 'RCarb'


A collection of functions to model dose rates in carbonate-rich samples. The package is a translation of the ‘MATLAB’ program Carb by Roger P. Nathan.

Package authors are Sebastian Kreutzer, Roger P. Nathan, Barbara Mauz.

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R package 'RLumBuild'


This package does not really analyse luminescence data but supports the development of the other R packages from the RLum universe. While this is possible with 'devtools' (which is also used by 'RLumBuild') it comes with a couple of extra functions to allow a smooth and consistent package build process.

Package authors are Sebastian Kreutzer, Christoph Burow.

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R package 'RLumCarlo'


A package dedicated to simulating luminescence using Monte-Carlo methods.

Package authors are Johannes Friedrich, Sebastian Kreutzer, Vasilis Pagonis, Christoph Schmidt, Christian Laag, Ena Rajovic, Alex Roy Duncan.

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R package 'RLumShiny'


'RLumShiny' provides the graphical user interface to some of the functions from the package 'Luminescence' but also isolated other functions.

Package authors are Christoph Burow, Urs Tilmann Wolpert, Sebastian Kreutzer, R Luminescence Package Team, Jan Odvarko, AnalytixWare, RStudio.

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R package 'rxylib'


Import xy-data from, for instance, XRD or ESR data using the powerful C++ library xylib.

Package authors are Sebastian Kreutzer, Johannes Friedrich, RLum Team, Marcin Wojdyr, Peng Zhang.

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R package 'sandbox'


A flexible framework for definition and application of time/depth- based rules for sets of parameters for single grains that can be used to create artificial sediment profiles. Such profiles can be used for virtual sample preparation and synthetic, for instance, luminescence measurements.

Package authors are Michael Dietze, Sebastian Kreutzer.

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