Two new publications

by Sebastian Kreutzer (June 4, 2022)

While the temperatures are climbing rapidly, with the summer just a few months ahead, we managed to get two exciting new articles published.

  1. Mercier, N., Galharret, J.-M., Tribolo, C., Kreutzer, S., Philippe, A., 2022. Luminescence age calculation through Bayesian convolution of equivalent dose and dose-rate distributions: the De_Dr model. Geochronology 4, 297–310.

  2. Dietze, M., Kreutzer, S., Fuchs, M.C., Meszner, S., 2022. sandbox – creating and analysing synthetic sediment sections with R. Geochronology 4, 323–338.

Norbert’s article combines equivalent-dose distribution with dose rate distribution to derive a luminescence age in an exquisite way. The deconvolution relies on Bayesian modelling and is available through the R package 'Luminescence' since v0.9.17.

Michael’s contribution is somewhat a new R package called 'sandbox', but other than that, it presents a new approach to look at sediment profiles and interpret luminescence age distribution. For instance, how much of the age scatter can be attributed to the sampling?

Interested? Just download the articles and the R packages. All is available open-access.