R Luminescence version - 0.9.8

- lazy cat -

by R Luminescence Developer Team (November 16, 2020)

Dear R Luminescence users!

We are proud to present the ‘lazy cat’, our newest update of R Luminescence. Our apologies for not delivering earlier, we know we kept you waiting but better late than never.

Please note that this package release will need R >= v3.5.0

While not all of the new functions we were preparing are ready for being released (so still no v1.0.0) we did not want to wait any longer to show you what is prepared. See our featured functions below and do not forget to check the full list of changes
and notably the list of bug fixes here.

Have fun and do not forget to report bugs on https://github.com/R-Lum/Luminescence/issues.

Your R ‘Luminescence’ Developer Team

(Sebastian Kreutzer, Christoph Burow, Michael Dietze, Margret C. Fuchs, Christoph Schmidt, Manfred Fischer, Johannes Friedrich, Norbert Mercier, Rachel K. Smedley, Claire Christophe, Antoine Zink, Julie Durcan, Georgina E. King, Anne Philippe, Guillaume Guérin, Svenja Riedesel & Martin Autzen)


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Riedesel, S., Autzen, M., 2020. Beta and gamma dose rate attenuation in rocks and sediment. Radiation Measurements 133, 106295. doi:10.1016/j.radmeas.2020.106295