r-luminescence.org - relaunch

by Sebastian (November 15, 2020)

Welcome to our redesigned website. Perhaps you have noticed, we were offline for a few days. It was time we took for a complete redesign and content transfer from the old to the new site. Voilà!

Our endeavour addressed three aims: (1) extending the scope of r-luminescence.org, (2) getting r-luminescence.org mobile ready and (3) moving us even closer to R.

First, initially, r-luminescence.org (before r-luminescence.de), was designed as a platform for information around the R package Luminescence. However, our developer community has grown, tremendously. Instead of six developers in 2012, today we have 18 authors and contributors to Luminescence alone. Not to mention all the exciting R packages for luminescence-data analysis since then. It was time to stop limiting us to the R package Luminescence. Now, r-luminescence.org is a more inclusive platform for luminescence data and related analysis with R; a real RLum.Network.

Second, r-luminescence.org was created in 2012. Back in the days, mobile devices were not as important as they are today. Still, unfortunately, r-luminescence.org was never really “mobile-ready”. Now r-luminescence.org uses the Bootstrap toolkit. What does it mean? r-luminescence.org is more responsive, renders smoothly on all major platforms and, most importantly, it serves sites “mobile-first”.

Lastly, did you know that you can create HTML-sites with R? Perhaps you knew that our tutorials (all now available under the Creative Commons licence), were already rendered from rmarkdown files. With the relaunch of the new website, we went even one step further by using blogdown to create and modify the content of our pages. We were never closer to R.

We hope that you enjoy our new site as much as we were enjoying creating it.

On behalf of the RLum.Network Team,