RLG - R.Luminescence Group

Welcome to the RLG (the R-Luminescence Group)

Who are we and what are we doing?

RLG is a group of mostly young researchers who are concerned with the broad field of luminescence dating. The point of origin was the quest for alternative means for plotting and processing measurement data. This was realized by help of the statistics software R.
Data evaluation is usually done with software bundled with the measurement device. However, this analysis software is mostly limited in its function, especially when it comes to non-routine applications. Therefore, it appeared reasonable to strike a new path that is open to more flexible ways of processing and visualising data. In view of that, we developed an appropriate luminescence package using the free software R.

What is R?

R is a freely available software (open-source) based on command line input. However, many graphical user interfaces, such as RStudio or RKWard,have been developed that considerably simplify the work with R. In the course of time, several hundreds of additional packages have been created, among them the luminescence package.

The R package luminescence

The luminescence package contains a series of functions enabling the user to import measurement data from diverse sources (e.g. Risø .bin files or .csv files) for subsequent analysis and graphical visualisation. The software is freely available under the licence of GPL.

The R luminescence project is based on and evolves from ideas, contributions and constructive criticism of its users. Help us to maintain and develop the package, to find bugs and create new functions as well as a user-friendly design. Write us an e-mail if anything crosses your mind or if you want your new self-written function to be to implemented. You are kindly invited to bring forward the package with us!

Since the R luminescence package is continuously being revised and developed, it may happen that not all functions are listed on these pages. We struggle to keep the homepage updated; however, if you should miss a function you heard about, please have a look at the Luminescence-Manual which comes with the download package.